Jordan Kobert
If you doubt that the #AmericanDream still lives, my #NYT delivery person offers his thoughts…

I love technology and the media evolution that we are watching unfold around us. But the below is something that I think will happen less and less over time. Perhaps the flattening of our global economy will mean that people won’t need to cross oceans to have this kind of result. Either way, I’m proud to have been a part of this man’s life.

This letter came with my Sunday New York Times:

"Dear Friends,

The time has come! I am joining my beloved family in Brazil after six hard working years in America. My last day of delivering your “The New York Times” newspaper will be Saturday July 31, 2010. After that you will be served by another carrier.

I want you to know that I will be eternally grateful for your support. You definitely helped me giving my family a better future. My two kids will soon be graduating from a University in Brazil, and I can proudly say that they will have an honorable profession.

Thank you very much. I wish you all the best. God Bless America!


10 Things my #Android phone does that my #iPhone didn’t

Over 2 months into switching from my iPhone 3GS to my HTC Incredible, by Verizon and I am loving it**. Here are 10 things that I can do now that I couldn’t do with my iPhone (and that I’m pretty sure you can’t do with the new iPhone4):

  1. Make calls whenever I want.
  2. Receive calls when they come in.
  3. Stay connected on calls both made and received.
  4. Read my voicemail with Google Voice on my phone and/or at my computer,(if you haven’t used it as your voicemail you don’t know what you’re missing).
  5. Customize my screens.
  6. Create custom widgets and icons for the tasks *I* need most.
  7. Sync my Google accounts (gmail, contacts and calendar) straight from the cloud, instantly, to my phone, for free.
  8. See all notifications (missed calls, facebook messages, twitter replies, calendar reminders, etc) in a single view.
  9. Take 8.0 mp pictures. 
  10. Look at my iPhone carrying friends with bewilderment and wonder as I watch them cringe with each dropped call. 

**Disclaimer. I recently switched from a PC to a MAC for work and am LOVING it. I also have an iPad. Apple makes great products. Phones? Not so much…

It’s been a little over 4 weeks since leaving the iPhone (3GS) and AT&T and movin’ on up to the HTC Incredible on Verizon. We hit an inflection point at week 2 and the HTC Incredible has gone from “sufficient” to “sometimes awesome and mostly Incredible”.

Here’s the overview:

Phone: iPhone4 Antnnna? This phone makes and receives calls with 100% confidence. I haven’t dropped a call yet - honest! And I’m using it in parts of the Bay Area that had previously been dead zones. Bravo.

Speed: Incredible. As fast Faster than my 3GS

Google Integration: I continue to be impressed. Mail, calendars, contacts - the cloud is awesome. Google Voice takes visual voice mail to an entirely new place with transcription that is fairly accurate and eliminates the need for many a wasted call back.

Customization: Incredible. I have icons for frequently accessed tasks such as calling someone (wife, work, sister) texting someone (wife) and so on. I have widgets, weather, and a home screen calendar icon that tells me what my next appointment is. 


The new HTC Incredible arrived today. This is hailed as the phone that can compete with the iPhone on all fronts. 30 seconds in and it becomes clear that it has a proprietary connection for power/syncing. Really? Micro USB wasn’t enough?

Breakthrough as far as voicemail goes today. Visual Voice mail on the Android is sub par at best. And it costs $2.99 a month. Seriously.

Here’s the workaround: Get a Google Voice number (I have 2 invites left for the first 2 folks to DM me. Or you can request one here). The link in this post shows instructions to loop your missed calls to your GV number. You can set it up to email, SMS and transcribe. Android of course has a slick GV interface. I’m back in voicemail action!

Ok, 5 days in and the key issues seem to be:

1) In any amount of sunlight the phone is barely useable. It should be called the HTC Vampire.

3) Battery life is ABYSMAL. Change the name from HTC Vampire to HTC Abysmal. With minimal calls and data I have not made it 12 hours on a single charge. #Fail.

3) Speed is an issue. I assume this is processor based and will be fixed when I upgrade to the Incredible. Ambitions name, so I hope so.

4) Bluetooth seems to need to be repeatedly paired with my car. This is a hassle. I’ve entered the password multiple times and it is not storing it. Deal breaker long term.

5) Verizon DEFINITELY has coverage in areas that AT&T simply doesn’t. This is nice. I can use my phone as…a phone!

Day three. I need visual voice mail. The act of calling in to Verizon, entering a PIN and listening to my voice mails is outdated. Here’s the thing - it’s not that my phone isn’t doing everything it needs to do, it’s just that after living with an iPhone for over a year, the expectations are so much higher. Thinking about upgrading to the Droid Incredible to make it a fair comparison. Steve, if you’re listening, can you speed up the new Verizon version? 

Goodbye #iPhone, Hello #Verizon: Day 2.

Imported Google contacts and my Gmail. Seamless. You can run multiple apps at the same time. the problem is, you can run multiple apps. And they run, and run, and run. And my battery, 100% at the start of the day and with one call, ran out at 3pm. The screen is useless in any significant sunlight.Trying to take a picture is like staring into a mirror.

Oh, and you can’t copy text from an email. You can’t even select it. WHAT? That phone number you emailed me? Yeah, I’ll need to write it down or memorize it in order to dial. What is this, 2007?

After enduring more dropped calls than I could handle, I’ve decided to say goodbye to the brilliance of Steve Jobs and swap my iPhone and AT&T coverage for the Verizon network.

Day 1: Damn you Steve Jobs. 3 minutes in and I am questioning the entire thing. Can I call Verizon and tell them I was just kidding? I moved into an HTC Droid Eris. It’s small. The screen is small. The keyboard is annoying and seems, well, small. Intuitive? Maybe. But not after a year of iPhone normalcy. God I loved my iPhone. I’m having thoughts of freedom. This will make me LESS dependent on a device as I will use it less and communicate with PEOPLE more. And I won’t drop calls. My phone, will make and receive calls with reliability and clarity. That’s what I pay for, the rest is fluff. God I miss my iPhone.